Right-brained Quote of the Day

I stole this quote from a post by my friend Cindy on the Homeschooling Creatively email list during a discussion about math.

So, I greatly disagree with you that "basics" have to be learned before "complex". For our right-brained learners, often "complex" is easy and "basics" are hard, so why not have the complex be their true representation of their style of learning? In other words, "complex" is their "basic" and "basic" is their "complex". So, when we hold them to their left-brained counterpart criteria, we are making them do hard first and fun last. Why not fun first and hard last, like their left-brained peers get to enjoy?

Our culture has determined what is "basic" and what is "complex". It doesn't mean it is so or it is the only or even preferred method to acquire knowledge under various subjects.
~ Cindy Gaddis

I have found that contrary to popular wisdom, Jason learns better by focusing on the high-level concepts (which engage his right brain) and filling in the "math facts" as we go along, rather than following the more typical sequential approach to math of focusing on having the math facts "mastered" before moving on.