Rethinking Resolutions

Yesterday I had decided that I would not bother doing any resolutions this year since they usually wind up getting forgotten pretty quickly. However, today I am thinking that maybe if I just focus on one area for the year, I might actually accomplish something.

So my major area for improvement in 2007 is going to be on de-cluttering. We have way too much stuff and I have been feeling very overwhelmed by it for awhile now. I have gotten much better lately at really thinking "do I need this" before purchasing new "stuff". Now I just need to take it to the next level and answer that question for the stuff we already own.

The key I think is to start small, look for small areas to clean out and get ruthless about getting rid of things. Ruthless, that is my new motto. I have started a bit already and cleaned out one of our games cabinets. It felt great to get rid of two boxes of "stuff". I am just constantly amazed at how much "stuff" we have accumulated over the years.

Interestingly, Jason is much better at getting rid of stuff then Kyle is. If Jason has not played with something recently, he is fine with getting rid of it. Kyle on the other hand, sees every item as a new discovery and one that he does not want to part with. Should be interesting.

On a slightly related note, I think that I am also going to give Project 365 a try. The jist is that you take at least one picture each day for a year. Sounds like a lot of fun. Of course, I totally forgot to start today, so I am one day behind already, but I am not looking for perfection!

And if I get really adventurous, I think I might try A Day in the Life…you take a picture every hour for an entire day. Could be very interesting!

So there it is. One major focus and a couple of fun side-trips. Let's see how I do!



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