Really Stupid Things The Elms Boys Argue About (RSTTEBAA)

A couple of years back when the boys were arguing over something extremely stupid, I told them that I was going to start keeping a list of all the really stupid things that they had argued about (like who was going to go through a door first). They thought it was hilarious (and it distracted them from the arguing) so I threaten to add things to the list from time to time. Since I have since lost track of the original list, I thought that it might be a good thing to keep track of on my blog.

Today's RSTTEBAA entry came when they were eating lollipops. They got down towards the end of the lollipop and started arguing about whose lollipop was "more finished". Kyle insisted that his was the "most done" and Jason swore that his was so done that you would have to "cut the outside off to get it any cleaner". The argument escalated from there…until I broke in and reminded them about the RSTTEBAA list…which still worked thank goodness!

Gotta love kids…at least that is what they tell me… ~Stephanie