Really Stupid Things The Elms Boys Argue About #3

Hmmm…it has been a year since I have had anything to post in this category. This does not mean that the boys have not argued in that long of a time. Just that they had not argued over anything so utterly ridiculous that I felt a need to post about it.

The qualifying argument occurred this afternoon while we were driving home from Jason's pottery class. As is typical for spring in Northern Virginia, our weather has been bouncing up and down…wet and rainy and cool, 50s and 60s one day to hot and muggy 80s the next. Today was an 80s day and the car had been sitting for awhile, so we had turned on the air conditioning (have I mentioned that my boys are heat wimps?)

This was fine, until about halfway home (which, by the way takes all of 10 minutes), Jason decided to turn off the air conditioning in the back because he could not hear the audio book we were listening to (Sir Thursday, book 4 in the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix - highly, highly recommended!) This was not acceptable to Kyle who was hot (yes, whiney, cranky hot). Thus ensued the battle for the control over the air conditioner dial.

I was successful at holding the battle at bay for the remainder of the 5 minutes it took for us to get home by telling them that there was less than 5 minutes until we got home and to cool it. We got home, I got out and went inside. When I came back outside a few minutes later to let Ellie out, I realized that they were still in the car…arguing over whether the air conditioner of the car which was parked in our driveway, with the engine off, going absolutely nowhere should be left in the on or off position.

Realizing that the argument was getting physical with each boy pushing the other in an attempt to turn the dial to the desired position, I went in to negotiate, only to find that each kid was completely vested in their desired outcome (complete with justifications explanations why it was completely sane and reasonable for them to be fighting over this).

I threw up my hands in complete exasperation and said that this argument definitely qualified to be blogged about as a Really Stupid Thing The Elms Boys Argue About, which, believe it or not, broke the stalemate (well, that and my grand pronouncement that the dial would be placed in the half-on/half-off position, yes, please call me Solomon).

Ya gotta love 'em…or at least that is what I have been told…

~ Stephanie