Quick Blog Update

Just wanted to give folks a heads up that I added a new category called "New to Homeschooling?". I have used it to collect some of my posts that might be helpful to folks who are just starting out. There are some posts on deschooling, on lessons learned and other general advice for newbies.

Can I take a moment and say that I really love organizing my blog? I swear I get giddy when I start thinking about how best to set up my categories...I know, I am a geek (and a left-brained one at that)! Definitely check out my categories section (under Previous Thoughts in the sidebar). While I have been reorganizing I have come across some posts that I had forgotten about completely. So you might find something interesting! Organizing (and re-organizing) will be an ongoing job...be sure to check back.

I am also slowly working on getting all my pictures back to displaying properly. When I imported my blog from Homeschool Journal, the photos did not import correctly. Luckily it is not a hard problem to fix (since they still exist on Flickr), just a little bit tedious. But I am working on it.