Poor Kyle…

On the way back from the beach on Monday (I know, I know, I forgot to tell you we were there this weekend!) Kyle fell and hit his mouth hard. So hard that it knocked his upper front tooth out. Completely. Root and all. And it was a really big root which meant that it was not ready to come out yet.

He handled it like a trooper (after the initial blood curdling scream), considering we were two hours from home in the middle of a Wendy's and it took awhile of sucking on ice to get to where he was not spitting up blood. Luckily there was a drug store near by so we could get some ibuprofen and he slept the rest of the ride home.

On Tuesday, his mouth was really swollen. We took him in to see our dentist. The good news is that it looks like the other teeth around it are ok (although we have to keep an eye on them). The bad news is that the permanent tooth is not fully formed yet and she estimated that it will not come in for about another year. So it looks like we will be getting used to his little gap toothed smile.

He is doing much better today…added bologna and pancakes to the oatmeal and yogurt he was able to eat yesterday. His mouth is still a bit swollen and he has cuts on his gums, but he is feeling much better now.

Not exactly how he wanted to lose his first tooth, but what can you do. And he liked the dollar that the tooth fairy left.


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