Over a Week

Yikes! I've been gone that long from posting, huh? Well, I am still here, just feeling very distracted with too many things to choose from and not enough time. So I wind up getting stuck and not doing anything!

I have been having fun playing with twitter (come follow me!) and re-connecting with some old college friends. But I also have other things that I need to work on, not to mention homeschooling to do.

But I am finding that these types of things go in cycles. I am sure that it is part of coming off of holiday mode and getting back into the swing of things. We have our first 2 homeschooling activities tomorrow (Jason's Scratch programming club and their homeschool PE class they take at the rec center) and the boys are looking forward to them. And then we have an Amazonia program at the National Zoo on Thursday. We have not been to the zoo for quite awhile and both boys are really looking forward to it.

I am also trying to do better about getting enough sleep. I keep trying to remind myself that I really am a morning person and if I go to bed earlier, I will wake up earlier and actually be able to accomplish more. But staying up later seems to be where I have been lately. Hopefully now that the holidays are over, I can relax into a better-for-me schedule. Or at least I can hope.

Hope that everyone else had a great holiday and hopefully I will get back into posting a bit more.

Oh and if you want to see something cute, check out the pictures I uploaded to flickr from the Solstice party we had with my homeschool group. The boys, as the cumination of a drama workshop they took, put on a play authored by the director (based on the boys' suggestions) called "The Case of Santa Claus vs Jack Frost vs Frosty. It was really cute and they had a great time.