Our Trip To The Pumpkin Patch


This year marks the 10th year that we have made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch (yes, we started when Jason was 10 months old! I will have to try to scan in some of the pictures as this was pre-digital camera days for me!)

Cox Farms does a wonderful job…it is huge and there is tons for all the kids to do, as well as free apples and apple cider (if you can brave the bees!) You never know what the weather will be like…this year it was hot. We met up with some homeschooled friends and they had blast.


Kyle got plenty of time on the rope swing (his favorite part). Once the school crowds clear away around 1pm we pretty much get the run of the place. The slides are also big favorites. What kid wouldn't enjoy sliding out of a volcano?


Feeding the goats was fun.


Didn't this picture turn out gorgeous? I know that it is not one of my kids, but isn't he sweet?


I did get some cute pictures of my boys.


All in all, another successful trip to the pumpkin patch.

If you want to check out the other pictures I took, head on over to my Flickr account!

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