Our Toothless Boy

As promised, here is a picture of Kyle sans 3 teeth (missing 2 on the top, one on the bottom right).


Still a cutie though!

Weather seems to be finally coming around today…yesterday was actually cold and overcast. We did get down to the beach though, because after being home for a couple of days, the boys really needed a place to run off a little energy. I packed my book and a sweatshirt and we met Joanna and Jack. The boys had fun playing in the sand and I had a nice afternoon actually being able to read a book (something that I don't usually do when they are in the water). Until it got too cold.

Jack spent the night last night and the boys had a good time. I am a bit tired as they kept me up a bit later than I would have preferred. But all in good fun. Trying to clean a bit as my in-laws are coming down today. Let's hope that it is a nice weekend for them, and for us!

It has finally gotten above 70 and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the high 80s, so hopefully we can get a bit more summer weather in before we go home.