Let's see...we have been in Ocean City for a week now and so far we have:

  • Been to the beach 3 times
  • Ridden boogie boards
  • Built drip castles in the sand
  • Been to the waterpark once
  • Gone mini-golfing once
  • Had Jack over 3 times
  • Gone kayaking
  • Had ice cream on the boardwalk (and other places) between 8 and 10 times
  • Got the boys first painted tattoos (still need to get our annual henna tattoos)
  • Gone to our favorite breakfast place (Laytons on 16th street) twice
  • Eaten at several of our favorite dinner places:
    • Anthony's (awesome freshly carved roast beef sandwiches)
    • Mackey's (delicious seafood out on the beach)
    • Fish Tales (awesome place for kids and parents alike)
    • Fager's Island (fun outside deck dining)

I keep reminding the boys that we have all summer in which to do things and that it is ok to save some stuff for later.

But hey, we are having fun! Oh yeah, and they sleep r e a l l y  good down here...


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