One Piece of Big News

There is so much that I have wanted to blog about and not had the time. The biggest being about the newest addition to our family…Jezabelle (otherwise known as Jez)!

Yes, this cat lover has added another dog to the family. Gotta love what I do for my kids. Or actually do for my other dog. Our current dog, Ellie, whom we have had for about 2 years, is a sweet, lovable, very intense little puppy. She is much happier the more exercise she gets (she reminds me of Jason at 2 years old…needing lots of activity to wear him out). While we have a very large backyard and do try to get out and play with her each day, it became more and more apparent that what Ellie needed was another dog to play with.


Photo by Margo Pryzby

So I started keeping my eyes open and browsing at Pet Finders. One weekend, we decided to go to a pet fair, just to check it out (I warned the boys that we most likely would not find a dog this time, but would just look. We wanted to find the “right” dog, not just any dog). Well, wouldn’t you know it, this cute little dog came in the door about 5 minutes after we got there and went right over to Ellie and started sniffing. In talking with her foster mom (from Ragged Mountain Dog Rescue located in the Blue Ridge of Virginia), we found out that she was about 1 year old, housebroken and female. She is a miniature schnauzer/shih tsu mix so she will not get much bigger than her current 13 pounds. She was the right size and really cute, and seemed very sweet and seemed to get along with Ellie. Pretty much what we were looking for.


Photo by Margo Pryzby

We talked more with the foster mom over the weekend and decided that she seemed like the right dog to fit into our family. So on Monday, they did a home visit, decided that we seemed like a good home and left Jez (then called Pretty Girl) with us for our two week trial period.


Turns out that she is the perfect puppy for us. She had an easy transition into our home and has proven to be the perfect playmate for Ellie. Everything that I was looking for! She is pretty much the exact opposite in temperament from Ellie…laid back, rarely barks, comes when we call (imagine that!) She and Ellie love to play with each other…they growl and chase each other, wrestling and rolling all over the yard and house. It is truly a joy to watch them together. She gets along wonderfully with Lapis and Sammie (our cats). The cats are actually not sure exactly what to do with her as Jez does not chase them (and in fact Ellie does not chase them quite as much as she used to).

All in all, she has been a great addition to the family. It all happened so quick and so easily, I was a bit surprised. I have to say that I am really enjoying having two adorable puppies running around, go figure. Of course the boys couldn’t be happier, especially Kyle. Could not ask for anything more.