One Of The Hardest Things About Spending the Summer At The Beach…

Is deciding when to come home! (I know, I know…life is rough!)

While I absolutely love the time after Labor Day at the beach (no tourists!), I also start feeling the pull to head home. Usually I let the weather be our guide…if it is still warm and August-like weather, we will stay and eek out some more time at the beach. If things start cooling down, then it is more likely that I will feel the pull of home.

My favorite time of year is fall…the weather gets cooler, football season starts (Go Hokies!)…I start feeling a need to change things up. One of the nice things about "going home" is that we get to start from scratch. New things to do, new rhythms to develop…we get to rediscover old friends and activities and places that seem new again because we have been away almost 3 months.

Maybe it is the years of being on a school schedule, but then I have always been someone who wants to shake things up periodically…I used to enjoy rearranging my bedroom for a change of pace and always loved when we would switch between "summer" clothes and "winter" clothes. I woud hate to live in a part of the country without seasons.

There will be a lot of things that I will miss from here. But there are things that I have been missing at home as well. Plus we will be back! We always come down in October for the boys' friend Jack's birthday and try to come down other times during the off season as well.

Still no decision when…but I think that probably within the next week or so. I think there are a few things that we still want to do (like eating at Shenanigans and maybe a kayak trip or two.) There are also things that I meant to do this summer that won't get done (like picking new curtains and figuring out what pictures I want to frame and hang. But I can do those at home as well. The nice thing is that we can play it by ear and leave whenever we want. Of course that also means that we need to start packing and closing up the place…ahhh…decisions…decisions….