Now I am Really Back!

WooHoo! My old posts from have finally been imported! Many thanks to Andrea from and Anthony from Squarespace for working with me and getting these up. It took a bit of work on both their parts, and I am eternally grateful.

You can access my old posts in the monthly archive (also listed in the sidebar). And I added a Topics list to make it easier to poke around and find some of my older stuff. I will be playing around with the categories over the next couple of days to streamline them a bit so the list is not quite so long.

I am hoping that I did not goof up the RSS feed when I imported the posts...I will double check my own feed once I post this.

Whew! It feels good to have everything all in one place again. Plus I discovered a bunch of neat older posts that I had forgotten about...I will have to try to remember to highlight some of them in the future.


UPDATE: As far as I can tell, the RSS feed is working fine! Let me know if you find otherwise.