Note To Self...

Ocean City, Maryland - July 2010

Ocean City, Maryland - July 2010

…make a bigger effort to be outside when the sun sets.

It’s funny. This evening I was feeling a bit caught up in “stuff.” Nothing in particular, just been wondering why I seem to have such a hard time truly relaxing even down here at the beach. Not that I don’t have fun and enjoy myself, I do.

Just that I seem to be clinging to this idea that “I don’t have time.” I am realizing that this seems to be more of a construct of mine rather than reality. Sure, I have things I have to do and things I want to do. But nothing is earth shatteringly important and nothing has to be Done. Right. Now. Yet that is how I feel most of the time.

So I happened to head out to sit for a minute in my hammock swing before starting “the next thing.” And while I was sitting, I felt like I had breathing space for a moment. I realized that I don’t actually have to “do anything” to fix this feeling in me. I just need to make more space in my life. To sit. To observe. To breathe. The shift will happen on its own. I have seen this a lot lately, yet I keep falling back to feeling like I have to “fix things.” But the more I sit, the more “stuff” falls away.

So in addition to my meditation in the morning, I am going to make an effort to be outside in my hammock at sunset as often as possible. You can’t beat the view and it will be a good reminder to breathe. After all, I always have time for the moment I am in.