No post today…

I have to go recover from watching the Virginia Tech Hokies implode in the Peach Bowl (sorry…can't bring myself to call it the Chik-Fil-A Bowl).

One benefit of becoming a Hokie Fan in the late '80s…we are more conditioned to seeing the Hokies loose then later fans who are used to actually winning.

And in closing (because I do and always will love my Hokies, even when they play really awful football):

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi
Tech, Tech, V-P-I
Sol-A-Rex, Sol-A-Rah
Poly-tech Virgin-i-a
Ray, Rah, V-P-I
Team! Team! Team!


P.S. For other Va Tech fans out there, be sure to check out the article on Coach Beamer in the Washington Post.


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