There is a great new post about deschooling over on LWOS…about how it is even more important for the parents to do the deschooling!

Being socialized to institutional public schools brings on certain thought patterns and emotional responses that need to be cast aside for a new homeschooling lifestyle to be fully realized and enjoyed. The deschooling process is like a decompression chamber that allows the mind and the body to shift away from a situation that was stress-filled and constrained to one that is more relaxed and free.

And I totally forgot to mention that Steph over at A Room of My Own was a guest author on LWOS a few days back as well! She had a great post on the folly of school “standards of learning”.

We are free to tailor the lessons to where THEY are, instead of trying to reconfigure the kids to fit the lessons. They can find things that are meaningful to them.

You got that right!



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