New Homeschool Laws Go into Effect

Just a reminder that as of July 1, 2008, changes to the home instruction statute will go into effect in Virginia. You can read what the new statute will look like on the VaHomeschoolers 2008 Home Instruction Statute Changes page. And read more about the changes on the FAQs about 2008 Home Instruction Statute Changes page.

Nothing too change affects NOI options iii and iv (if you choose option iii, you no longer have to use an approved correspondence school and if you choose option iv, you no longer have to reference the SOLs). Option i (having a high school diploma) and option ii (are a certified teacher) are not changed. The other change clarifies some options for independent evaluations that can be used.

We will be working on getting the website to reflect these changes over the next weeks.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact VaHomeschoolers. We also would like to hear how these changes are implemented throughout the state, so let us know!

And if you appreciate the work that VaHomeschoolers does (lobbying to keep our homeschool freedoms as well as providing information to all homeschoolers (through our website, announcement list, newsletter and toll-free hotline)) please consider joining or making a donation. We depend on the support our members can't do it without you!