My friend Rebecca's husband has developed a neat new blog widget called NearCircle. It is a way to create a community of related blogs. Kind of like a webring but looks much more interesting and interactive…you can see posts in the sidebars and also go to the Circle home page and check out posts for all the blogs in the circle…kind of like an interactive focused blog reader. I usually am not into the social networking kind of sites, but this seems a bit different and I like that it is blog based. And it seems a bit more fun than just a static webring listing of blogs.

It is brand new, so there are not too many members yet, but check it out. I set up a Virginia Homeschooling circle so if you are a Virginia homeschool blogger, please join! There is also a Waldorf circle and an Unschooling circle so far. I am racking my brain to see what other circles I should set up…

Come join the fun!