My Poor Crocuses

So last week it got really cold for a few days (by northern Virginia standards…below freezing) and today it was 70 degrees. It seems to have been doing this for awhile this winter..days of really cold followed by days of spring.

My crocuses came up probably about a month ago and I keep expecting them to be dead. They would come up, open up, then shrink back and close up, but here they are opening up again (sorry, no picture!) The fragrance today was beautiful and you could smell them every time we opened the door.

The boys spent a lot of time on the trampoline today and Ellie was plain tuckered out (we finally had an electric fence installed so we can take her out and let her run to her hearts content). Spent some time shooting off sling-shot rockets (have I mentioned how much I love our huge backyard?) and did some other miscellaneous fun stuff.

All in all a great day and one that was much needed. I have been feeling the mid-winter blahs creeping in…the ones where you start feeling as if you are in a rut and start having that old "homeschooling panic" of not doing "enough" creep in. A day like today is a great antidote to that!