My newest guilty pleasure…

I admit it. I love the BBC version of Robin Hood. I had seen the previews about this new (to America…also check out the BBC website) series and thought that the boys would find it fun (what boy does not enjoy Robin Hood with sword fighting and archery?) but I am enjoying it just as much as they are (if not more!) Season 1 just ended (we were lucky to catch it at the beginning and tivo'd it…although looking at the episode list it looks like we missed one!) but it is being released on DVD on June 5th and is available through Netflix.

The show is incredibly fun and updated and remarkably well done. There is a lot of humor, great sword fighting and Robin (played by Jonas Armstrong) is extremely easy on the eyes (not to mention the accent!) I especially love the chemistry between Robin and Marian (who is a spirited, take care of herself kind of gal) and the relationship between all the characters (from Robin Hood's Gang to the Sheriff and Sir Guy). The Sheriff is a real character…mean and diabolical, yet also extremely deadpan and funny…with a very dry, evil sense of humor.

Both boys really enjoy it…they especially love the fight scenes which are impressively choreographed and really enjoyable to watch. There is obviously some killing and violence so if your kids are sensitive, you should be aware of that.

The show has led to some good conversations about the time period and Robin Hood in general (Jason had listend to it on tape, but the story is new to Kyle). I found what looks to be an interesting DVD (also available at Netfilx) by the History Channel called History's Mysteries: The True Story of Robin Hood. Can't wait to check it out.

I highly recommend this show…it is one of those very enjoyable, watchable shows and it is fun to be able to watch something with the boys that I enjoy as much as they do!