My new post over at Life Without School

I have a new post up over at Life Without School called The Isolated Homeschooler.

" One of the more common arguments against homeschooling is that it "isolates" kids. That somehow kids, if not in school, will never be exposed to the world at large. That homeschoolers sit at home all day with no interaction with anyone outside their family.

I have found quite the opposite has been true for us. School can become a crutch – you don't need to look beyond it because all your kids' social or academic opportunities are provided for. But I do not want to be limited by what the school can provide. Homeschooling, for me, has led to a greater involvement in my community precisely because I do not have the school to depend on to meet the needs of my kids. I can not just sit back and let the school provide everything; I need to stay active and engaged in my kids' lives."

Check it out!