My Favorite Sandals

Last year, my favorite pair of sandals bit the dust. I decided at that point to try to find the "perfect pair of sandals." Luckily Zappos has free shipping and returns and I was able to test drive a whole host of them (and I mean a lot of them!) The ones that I finally settled on are pictured above. The Altamont by Columbia.

What I love about them are that they are super comfortable, the sole is really solid (good for walking on all types of surfaces, rocks, pavement, sand, trails, you name it), and they are super cute. I was looking for this basic style, especially the toe hold part as I find that it is easier for me to keep the sandals on my feet (and I don't like straps). They have held up for two summers now and are still incredibly comfortable.

I wear sandals for as long as possible before my feet start getting cold as I am more of a barefoot gal (probably whyI was never able to really get Flylady!) so having a good pair is important. And what I just realized is that it does not look like Zappos is still carrying them...what a bummer. I had actually thought about getting two pairs in different colors last summer. Hmm...might have to go on another hunt to track them down.

Oh and if you are looking for a great pair of flip flops, definitely check out Reefs.I bought a pair last year (for wearing to the beach) and love them. This is not your every day cheap pair of flip flops (as can be seen by the price!) The best thing is that once again they are comfortable, they actually have arch support and are really cute. And they are durable. After two summers at the beach they still look and feel great. Oh and they have a bottle opener in the bottom, which I would have loved in my college years...

So just consider this another Beach Tip, even though the summer is almost over...