My apologies for my state (again)

I swear that Virginia is such a mixed bag of worms. We finally elect a Democratic Senator and give the Democrats in the Senate and then one of our Congressmen has to open his big mouth.

I don't get this. We have freedom of religion right? Isn't that what our country was founded on? Congress represents all people of all faiths right? What is the big deal if he carries his religious book for an unofficial ceremony? Would it be better if he was a hypocrite and carried a Bible?

Goode is worried about more Muslims coming into the country and taking over? What? Muslims are not just immigrants. Plenty of Muslims are born right here in America. Are they any less American and deserving of representation then he is?


I hear shades of the discussion they had when JFK first ran for president…he can't govern because he will have to put the Pope and his religion before what is best for the country.


I am tired of living in a country that seems to be afraid of everything and anything. And I feel sorry for my Muslim friends (there is a very strong Muslim homeschooling community up here in Northern Virginia) who have done nothing wrong and have to watch their religion be feared in this way.


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