More Reasons I Hate Politics

This cartoon was on and I have to say that it sums up my feelings pretty danged well.

The Democrats spent years complaining about how Republicans let good ole GW get everything that he wanted. And yet now that they can stop him and stand up for the constitution, they are not. Same thing with the war. And with Iran. They need to get over themselves and stop fretting about being seen as "weak". They need to provide some leadership for crying out loud. Everything is so political and there is so much spin on both sides it is no wonder nothing gets done. I am convinced that history is going to reveal that what we are finding now (wire tapping, torture re-authorization after the denial) is the tip of the iceberg.

Bill Moyers had a fascinating program talking about how the executive office authority/powers have been drastically expanded during the Bush presidency and how that is not a good thing. And how Congress just basically went along with it and let it happen. <sigh>