More Pictures from Luray

The scenery in Luray was just gorgeous. Although I know that folks out west probably laugh at our "mountains", I love our Appalachians. Beautiful. Rolling. Created when North America collided with Africa way back when. The boys got a kick out of that fact.


The Luray Singing Tower

According to the Luray Caverns website the Luray Singing Tower officially known as the Belle Brown Northcott Memorial, was erected in 1937 opposite Luray Caverns in memory of Colonel T.C. Northcott's wife. At 117 feet in height, the Luray Singing Tower contains a carillon of 47 bells. The largest bell weighs 7,640 pounds and is six feet in diameter. The smallest weighs a mere 12 ½ pounds.

We took Skyline Drive to get home and stopped off at a glassblowers studio we happen to pass by. Unfortunately no demonstration, but there was a beautiful creek running in front of the studio.



Or maybe barely running is a better description. We have had very little rain here lately. But the rocks were still beautiful. I love their texture.