More on right-brained/visual-spatial learners

But not from me! Oh no, I am way to busy trying to survive the holidays. In December I just try to hunker down and make it through (I don't do the holidays well for a variety of reasons).

Luckily for me, Steph over at Room of My Own and Cindy over at Apple Stars have been doing some great writing/thinking/blogging about right-brained/visual-spatial learners, so I can just point you over there and you can tell me (or them) what you think.

Steph has been reading Upside Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner and recording her notes and thoughts about how it relates to her kids. Lots and lots of great observations and something that I wish that I had the time to do! I actually have a lot of comments based on her comments and only wish that I had the time to write about them here. Hopefully soon when I can carve out some dedicated blogging time. In the meantime, check out Steph's posts…you can get a really good idea of what all this right-brained/visual-spatial stuff is all about.

And Cindy has been taking the time to talk about writing and the right-brained learner and how it does not always follow a traditional path (so what else is new!). And how important it is to place value on these non-traditional writing paths.

So enjoy…I am completely fascinated with how kids/people learn and how different that can look for some of our kids. And I hope to be back to writing about it myself soon.