Hot chocolate to be exact. Now that the weather is getting cooler (yes, it is just starting to get cool here and by cool I mean below 50 F...and please no eye rolling from my Canandian friends!) the boys have started asking for hot chocolate.

So I wanted to pass on information about some really delicious hot chocolate that my Mom introduced me to last year. Holy Chocolate.

Holy Chocolate instant hot chocolate takes one back to that time when hot chocolate was made with real cocoa, whole milk, and pure sugar for unsurpassed taste. That is what is in Holy Chocolate Hot Chocolate. Just add hot water for a true drinking chocolate free of all the chemicals; real whole milk from Californian pasture cows is already in it – free of antibiotics or rBST.
Holy Chocolate is available in 6 divine varieties: Amaretto, Amsterdam Super Dark Chocolate, American milk chocolate, European Dark Chocolate (With spices), Mint Chocolate, and Swiss Milk Chocolate. 

I just ordered some for us as well as a few gift packs. The boys favorite is the American blend. I am partial to the Swiss blend (actually I like all of them, but if I had to pick one, it is Swiss).


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