Mental Health Weekend

Every once in awhile, I try to get away for a weekend up to our place in Ocean City, MD. I find that getting away for a couple of days does wonders for my mental health and the boys get to enjoy a weekend with Jeff. One of the other perks of homeschooling is that I feel absolutely no guilt about taking these weekends, seeing as I am with the boys for a majority of our regular time at home. I do usually take a day each weekend to head to a coffee shop and "work," but these weekends are really nice and I am usually a bit more relaxed when I get back.

So here I am, listening to my Martin Sexton radio station on Pandora, catching up on some of my photography stuff that I have been wanting to do for awhile. Ahhh...let me appreciate this...(yes, I do know how lucky I am to have this option...)

A large portion of this weekend will be focused on a variety of things that I have on my plate...catching up on some VaHomeschoolers work, doing some reading from The Writer's Jungle, as I want to focus on more creative writing with Jason, catching up on my photography and a whole host of other miscellaneous things that are hanging out there (can anyone say, still need to get my Christmas cards out?) The trick is going to be to not try to do too much...I have done that before and come back feeling as if I did not get anything accomplished. So hopefully I will set my goals to be realistic. Wish me luck!

A few miscellaneous things:

Check out our new couch! The couch in the boys TV/game room was our old couch that we got when we moved into our townhouse, several years before Jason was born. I am in the process of making that room a bit more "mom" friendly (meaning more comfy and organized so that I will not cringe being in there!) Most of the furniture was hand-me-downs from when Jeff and I were first married and is not really "kid friendly" or "kid practical" either. I also have ordered a new entertainment center which will be much more useful (the one we have now is kind of formal, Queen Anne style, cherry wood with little to no practical NOT my style any more!)

Anyways, I love this couch and it will be great for watching movies together (right now we all squeeze onto the single couch in the family room and it not overly comfortable for us bigger folks). When the other furniture comes in, we will be doing a major re-organizing of this room. But for now, the boys at least have a more comfy couch. And how come once you start making one change, you have this need to change everything? Because the new couch is making me remember how much I really want to repaint that room (it was never supposed to be that bright, but I haven't wanted to deal with it.)

Oh and I have been meaning to thank Dream Box Blog for listing me as one of their "Top Eight Homeschool Blogs" back in December (can I blame it on the holidays?) It is great to be listed with Melissa Wiley and Prairie Poppins...two blogs that I follow religiously. And there are a couple of new-to-me blogs as well, so check them out.

And I also finally got around to uploading the professional pictures that we had taken back in September. Check them out!

OK, I think I have stuck enough in this post. Off to bed!

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