Local Annandale, Virginia History

While I was searching to double check some directions, I happened to stumble onto A Look Back at Braddock District History. I haven't had a chance to really delve into it much yet, but it looks fascinating. Especially all the old photos under resources. I absolutely love local history as it is so much fun to match the events/places to the area today. And given my love of revolutionary era history this is a perfect place to learn about.

This discovery led me to be even more curious about Annandale itself, so I googled it and lo and behold found Ravensworth: A Short History of Annandale, Virginia. The neat thing is that I know where most of these places are…we actually took Ellie for a walk at Accotink park yesterday and we regularly drive past Green Spring Farm (it is a county park and has native plant sales and classes). I had never realized its colonial roots. I am really bummed because I also found out that they had a historical program at Oak Hill (one of the oldest residences in Annandale and at one time owned by Robert E. Lee's children and used as a summer residence) this past October! I would have loved to go. Ah well.

Virginia has something for everything as far as history goes. A rich native american past. Early Colonial history. Revolutionary era history. Civil war history.

The Old Dominion really is a fascinating state to live in.