Living Math has a New Look!

Julie over at Living Math has given the website a whole new look! I just happened to click over to look for something and wow!

I love the new template and the new colors. I have to say it is very inviting and really makes it so much easier to see what wonderful information she has to offer.

I have been in love with Living Math for almost two years now. The approach of learning math through stories and history is just perfect for us. I highly recommend joining the email list (sub info is on the home page). The discussions have given me so many creative ways for approaching math...and I have learned a lot too! I really love that Julie is more about finding what works for your kids than about whether you use a specific curriculum or not. So you will find curriculum discussions, unschooling discussions and everything in between. But I find that even the discussions about curriculum are still focused on using the curriculum creatively and as a resource rather than as a strict guide.

I have found that a Living Math approach works very well with global, non-sequential right-brained learners (at least with mine that is!)

So stop by and take a look. My favorite section is the Reader Lists with book lists by math topics. Tons of great recommendations for all ages.