Jason’s New Specs



Yes, Jason has glasses! Turns out he is a bit farsighted and needs them for reading. Our eye doctor said that it was border line and our call as to whether to get the glasses. Jason's eyes are compensating to where he can see 20-20, but he has to work a bit harder to get there. So we decided to give them a try.

He says that they make the print look a bit bigger and does make it easier for him to read. He picked them out and seems to like them so far (after one day!) I guess that only time will tell.


He is lucky actually, as it does not look like he got my eyes…I am extremely near sighted with some astigmatism (if my eyes get any worse, I will not be able to wear contacts because they do not make them strong enough) and have had glasses since kindergarten. Luckily I am very correctable and have been able to wear contacts since 8th grade.

Kyle's eyes checked out fine…a small bit of nearsightedness which could correct itself. So both kids have me beat! Jeff did not get glasses (he is far sighted) until college, so I guess that helped.