It Really Is Not That Strange, Is It?

Conversation with the boys last week after the car came back from the mechanics:

K: Mom! What happened?

M: What do you mean?

J: The car is…<gulp>…clean! Argh!! Noooo!

Yes, my boys have a sense of humor. Or they are just smart alecks. You decide.

The neat thing is that while my car was in the shop for an oil change, inspection, a recall issue fix, and a new hub cap, I also had them….install an iPod player so that I can listen directly to my iPod through my car stereo! I have wanted to do this for awhile and I absolutely love it! I had tried the FM modulator where the iPod plays over an FM frequency, but that never came in clear (I think that we have too many radio stations up here and it was hard to find a clear frequency). The tape adapter was better, but for some reason, my audio books from always sounded static-y.

I can not tell you the difference! The sound quality is incredible. I plug the iPod into a wire in the glove compartment and run it through the stereo. So easy. And did I mention the improvement in sound quality?

I now have to say that I love my car. I am not really a "car person", but I will say that I love this car. It is a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. It is more like a car than a van yet it still has a back seat for an extra set of kids if I need it. And the back seats fold flat which makes it really easy to get extra hauling room when I need it. It is comfortable, has heated seats and just works so great for what we need. I have a little organizer for the passenger side seat that helps corral the clutter.

When I bought the car, the salesman could not believe that I did not want a dvd player and I was willing to wait to get a stereo that had a tape player. We listen to a lot of audio books from the library and many of these books come on tape, so a tape player, CD player and a radio was a must. And now I have my iPod player! Ahhhhh….

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