It might come down to Virginia

I really need to get to bed…but this is getting interesting. Webb (D) is up over Allen (R) by maybe around 1,000-2,000 votes (it just recently flipped…had been 1,000-2,000 in favor of Allen when Jeff went to bed)…however they announced that there are still over 33,000 votes to count from Fairfax County (my county!!). WooHoo! The good news is that I luckily live in a mostly Democratic county (one of the few in Virginia) so there is still hope. If it is too close (under 10,000 or so I think), there will be an automatic recount. Should be interesting to see where this goes.

Virginia is one of those interesting places…it almost seems like a totally different state depending on where you are. Northern Virginia tends to be mostly liberal. Southwest Virginia is very conservative, more rural of an area. Southeast Virginia tends to be prominently military folks and very conservative as well. Of course there are exceptions in each area. I think that at times SW and SE Virginia would love to secede from those of us up here in the north.

Well, I guess that I should head to bed and check in the morning…I have to say that I am really glad to have done my part.


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