Yet never really, truly appreciate. Your back. Yup. I threw my back out on Sunday. It was bothering me some before I drove home from Ocean City but seemed to get better overnight. Then last night, it went. I could barely stand up straight and finding a good sleeping position was hard. I was awake at 6am. A shower and heating pad seems to be helping, but I still can't lift things or move fast. We skipped park day and I was able to get Jason to pottery, but other than that we had a very low key day. Jason made muffins (from a mix), worked on Kyle's reading (he really likes the Bob books), we read about atoms and Ranger Rick (where the boys learned that chicken eggs are harder to break than you would think…they were not able to crush an egg by holding it in the their hands and squeezing!)

We also adopted out the last of our guinea pigs! For those who do not know, we had 4 of them (long story on how we got that many…I promise to share sometime…needless to say, never adopt a guinea from a pet store…) Since the addition of Ellie to our family, the guineas and their 6 foot cage (yup, you read that right, 6 foot) had gotten to be a bit too much. After much soul searching, I decided that we needed to find them new loving homes. I started looking last spring, letting folks know on my homeschool lists that they were available. I felt very strongly about making sure that they got placed in good homes so figured that I would put the word out and then wait until it happened. Seems as if fall is a much better time to try to find homes for pets. We had a homeschool friend who took the first two a month or so ago and the final two went to another homeschool family today. It is nice to know that they are happy in their new homes.

So now I just have to figure out how to fall asleep when I can't lay flat and how to get some things done tomorrow without making it worse (luckily tomorrow is a "home day"). I feel like an old woman. Man, I want my back back…


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