It Is Not The Heat…

PS_IMG 025_edited-1

…it is the humidity. Or so they say. Well, today it was both! We have been having a relatively mild summer so far. It was actually chilly to where I was still bringing a light sweatshirt to the beach if we were staying later even as late as the end of July. Last week it was down right gorgeous. Beautifully clear, mid-80s. Perfect.

Now this week it has been incredibly hot…yet when I check the temps, it is still mid-80s. But the humidity! Yikes! And then today it did hit the 90s and was like a sauna outside. The wind was hot. The boys had spent the night at their friend Jack's house and they were having so much fun playing, that Joanna kept them over there for the day. Inside. Which was a good thing, I think.

We will have to see what we do tomorrow. Probably will head out the the beach. I know that the boys will want to try out their new kayak paddles. We got inflatable kayaks this past weekend (a double for me and Kyle and a single for Jason) but they only had adult sized paddles. I ordered kid sized paddles online and they came in yesterday. The boys wanted to try them out when they got home this afternoon, but it really was too hot (yes, I am a wimp). The kayaks are a blast though and perfect for the use on the canals (which you can see in the picture in the header of this blog). I think that I may be enjoying them more than the boys. Jason loves it, although he gets frustrated sometimes at not being able to go as fast as he wants, but with practice he will get it.

Hope to get around to posting more pictures soon!