It Is Amazing What You Forget

When you are gone for almost 3 months.

The first thing is the traffic! I had forgotten what it is like to drive up around here. I got a bit spoiled down in Ocean City…yes, it gets crowded on the weekends, but the weekdays, there really is little traffic. I also think that you don't notice it quite so much because we do not have to drive nearly as much. A lot is within walking distance, and even when you have to drive, you are only driving for about 5 minutes at a time. I go through much less gas during the summer.

And the next thing I forgot how cluttered my house is! My goodness we need to get rid of a lot of stuff. It is not just the kid's stuff, but our stuff as well. I am still unpacking but we just have stuff all over the place. Kind of overwhelming actually. I am actually feeling the need to purge and reorganize. Let's just hope that I can find the time to do it all.

Ah well…it is good to be home…


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