It does not make sense

It looks like someone has stolen our credit card number (we both still have our actual cards). I came home yesterday to 3 phone calls wanting to verify application information for things that we never applied for. And today we received 4 packages for things that we never bought (including a 45 pound box from Nutrisystem!) We have also identified at least 4 Amazon purchases that we never made.

The weird thing is that whoever stole our card is buying things and having them shipped to us. All the contact information given is our real information. So companies are calling us to verify missing information.The items that he/she bought with our stolen credit card are being sent to us.

What gives? This makes no sense. If you go through the trouble of stealing a credit card it seems as if you would want to keep the things that you buy with it. Right?

We canceled our card yesterday and are going through the statement with a fine tooth comb. The charges are not huge but they are numerous. It looks like this will be more of a pain then anything else. We have to return the packages that we have received and get the charges removed. We also have a lot of charges (mostly donations) set up to automatically hit our credit card each month which we will have to move to our new card.*

So that has been the excitement for the day. Could be worse!


* The one silver lining is that my Starbucks card was just automatically reloaded…whew! Gotta make sure that the important things are taken care of…


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