In the Moment?

I found this blog post (and accompanying TED video) over at Speaking of Faith interesting food for thought. It is previewing Thursday’s interview with Jon Kabat- Zinn and their discussion of mindfulness:

One memorable moment in Krista’s interview: Kabat-Zinn describes a person viewing a sunset. Instead of simply taking it in, he says, we either are thinking about how we might write about it (or perhaps tweet or blog it), or, that certain somebody standing next to you actually has to gab away and tell you how gorgeous it is — which completely removes you from the moment of recognition and contemplation. In other words, we have this compulsion to do something with the moment in order to make it meaningful. We are not being mindful.

I have to admit that I can be guilty of this at times. I often have a blog post or two percolating in my head or will have something happen and think that I can’t wait to blog this or post it on Facebook. And of course I am always looking for that perfect photo. Although the photography aspect is also part of how I enjoy the moment, I think. And I am one of those people who does actually look through her photos quite a bit. I am sure that there is a fine line from where it adds to the experience to where it detracts. And maybe it is about finding the balance. Or not.

I have been posting photos on Facebook from my Severna Park High School days and from my college days in the Marching Virginians. One of my college friends thanked me because she has no photos from our Tech days. And I realized that most people probably don’t (I actually have about 4 albums full of photos from my 5 years at Tech). I realized that this is a weird concept for me (I also have over 3 albums from high school).

Will have to definitely contemplate “being in the moment” and how my photography and blogging fit in. Of course I am not really very good at being in the moment at all…it is something that I am working on, but not making too much progress yet. My mind just goes and goes all the time. I started attending a weekly meditation class that I am really enjoying. I missed it for a couple of weeks and I could tell this last time I went. It was like starting over again…my mind racing all over the place and me gently reminding myself to return to my breath. I guess that is why they call it a meditation practice.

So lots to think about and I am definitely looking forward to Thursday’s show. If you want to know more about Speaking of Faith, I posted some thoughts here.