Impossible for Me to Sleep In

Why is it impossible for me to sleep in in the morning? And I can't even blame the boys. For some reason I always wake up and stay awake between 8-8:30am. No matter what time I have gone to sleep and no matter how tired I still am.

It is nice since the boys are older, I now have the option, if I need it, to sleep in. WHen they were little I could not wait for this day to come! They are fine getting up and watching a bit of tv before we get going. But try as I might, I am wide awake in the morning and no amount of lying around in bed seems to change that.

Last week I even had the house entirely to myself because the boys were at a sleep over. I was so looking forward to sleeping in…but, nope. Did not happen.

Ah well…let's just hope that this is a phase and I get over it soon! And I guess that also means that I really should try to get to sleep at a more decent hour. But I guess that I will have to start on that tomorrow since it is already 12:52am…


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