I’m Off for the VaHomeschoolers Conference!

Can't believe that the VaHomeschoolers Conference is here finally! We have all been working like crazy to pull this thing off and it is finally coming together. I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to this.

Of course things can not go too smoothly for me…that would be too easy. Yesterday morning, Jason woke up throwing up around 1am. He seemed to have it worse then Kyle as he continued to throw up off and on again (well, mostly dry heaves, poor kid) until about 8am or so. And then I started throwing up around 6am or so. What fun - not!

I was supposed to drive from Ocean City back home to Virginia yesterday…had everything lined up…I would do some antique shopping on the way home (I usually can't because we have animals and kids in the car and no room to put whatever I find) and then get my hair cut. Had to cancel that and leave later then planned as I was just hoping to be able to survive the 3 hour car ride. I also felt bad leaving Jason feeling so bad, but Jeff is with him and I know that he will be fine. Now we just have to hope that Jeff does not catch whatever this bug is!

The good news is that I did survive the drive home and actually managed to hold down a few crackers along the way. I went to bed early last night and feel 100% better this morning, thank goodness! I have a few things to take care of here and then I am off for Richmond! And I get to meet Cindy today! WooHoo! And I get to hang out with all sorts of neat and fun homeschoolers! And talk non-stop about homeschooling for 2 days! And shop at our awesome resource fair! I Just.Can.Not.Wait!

If you are anywhere around Richmond, be sure to stop by! Walk-ins are more then welcome and we would love to have you. And if you happen to see me, make sure to say Hi!