I'm a More® Woman? Really?


Ok, marketing cracks me up. The latest from my inbox. Yes, I'm a "More®" woman...a woman who is "done trying to be what I am not"...so what I must want is a free copy of their 75 best beauty tips...sure....you go with that.

STEPHANIE -- You're a More® woman.
Passionate, strong, adventurous, optimistic, fearless, independent. Sound familiar? That's a More woman ... and I'm confident that's YOU!
  Now you can get a full year of the magazine that celebrates all that and MORE for just $1 per issue. Click here to snap up this limited-time bargain today and I'll also throw in a copy of our 75 Best Beauty Tips as a free gift!
I don't know about you, but I'm done trying to be what I'm not ... and what others want me to be. I'm taking on life with new energy and freedom, enjoying my influence and savoring my real friends.