If you get an unhousebroken dog…

I highly suggest that you not get one in winter!

Still working on getting into a routine here and I have to say that the weather is not helping. First a snowstorm, then 2 days of rain and mud and now after a beautiful weekend, freezing temps. And more snow expected tomorrow. Ah well. So it goes.

Some quick updates…

Ellie is overall adjusting well…still trying to figure out the sleeping thing and housebreaking thing. She ended up having some digestive track issues (probably due to stress and switching food (her owner never told me what brand of food they used)) so I cook her chicken and rice (those that know me will get a kick out of the fact that I am cooking for my dog!) and she is on medication to help with the inflammation. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

The cats and Ellie are coming to an agreement and they have been taking back the rest of the house. The first few days, they kept themselves pretty scarce. But now they can be in the same room without a problem and Ellie is learning not to chase them. Lapis has swatted her once and is starting to get really brave. They actually came nose to nose this afternoon.

Ellie is a real cutie…she has a tendency to prance especially when she runs and she is an incredible jumper. She likes to eat ice cubes. She has tons of energy and can run like the dickens outside, but she is also fairly calm inside. She loves to play monkey in the middle with the boys with her soft frisbee.

We went to our first obedience class…should be interesting as Ellie is not really big on treats…at least none that we have found yet. The boys are looking forward to it.

I will say that I am much more sleep deprived then I have been in awhile. Hopefully we will get adjusted to things soon!