I love surprises…

I love surprises. Especially a surprise that should not have been a surprise! A couple of months ago, I responded to a request by author Bruce Hale (writes the really funny Chet Gecko mysteries…one of Jason's favorite series).

He posted on a Children's Literature email list (run through Rutgers University), looking for teachers to participate in an online focus group…answering questions about what we would like to see in a DVD on kids writing that he is developing. He was offering participants signed copies of 3 of his books.

When I wrote to ask if he was interested in homeschooler feedback, he responded that he most certainly was. I completed the survey and then promptly forgot about it.

I got a package in the mail yesterday and as promised, we are now the proud owners of signed copies of 3 Chet Gecko books! The boys thought that it was really cool and so did I!

The internet really is a neat thing…I know that I never had much of a concept of authors as real people growing up…now they have blogs and websites and you can see videos of talks. So cool.

But then again, I am a book geek…