Home Again, Home Again

Settling in...

Settling in...

We made it back to Virginia on Wednesday evening and are still settling in. The house looks like it exploded and I have been on a major reorganizing mission. There is something about seeing all your “unpacking” stuff on top of your “regular” stuff that makes you realize you have way too much “stuff”. The problem is that my method of re-organization usually winds up making a fair amount of mess. My hope is that it is all worth it in the end, but living through it can be a bit of a challenge.

I guess it is a combination of “coming home” and seeing things with fresh eyes as well as starting a new season that gets the re-organization blood flowing. Hopefully it will last long enough for me to accomplish some things.

The boys are settling in…they started their pottery class on Friday and Kyle had soccer practice and his first game today. Kyle has already been to his friend Sean’s house (they really missed each other this summer!) We should be getting into a more regular routine next week with park day and other activities. It will be great to see everyone again.

Once I get the house a bit more in order (tomorrow?) I am hoping to start working on getting a more normal rhythm to our days. I have lots of plans for this year, the tricky thing will be seeing if we can accomplish them.

The other thing that I have to remember is to give ourselves enough time to transition back…it always takes a little while for us to get settled once we return. It is so easy to try to jump right back into everything. I have to remember to resist the urge.

Wish me luck!