Here we go again...

Every time political issues heat up, I feel like I need to start a mantra:

  • Homeschoolers are very politically diverse. (Liberals/progressives can and do homeschool.)
  • <insert divisive political issue of the day> is not a homeschool issue.

And most importantly:

  • HSLDA does not speak for all homeschoolers (and most definitely does NOT speak for me.)

Hopefully in the next couple of days I will have some time to write about my take on the whole health care debate but regardless of how you feel about these types of programs, positioning “homeschoolers” on one side of a very partisan political debate can only serve to hurt homeschooling in the long run by making political enemies that we do not need. Not to mention, it is also inaccurate as there are many homeschoolers on the other side of the political fence on these issues.

Just felt the need to get this out there.