Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to jump in here and wish everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving! The boys are with Jeff at his parents' house in Virginia Beach thoroughly enjoying themselves and I am getting some much needed downtime.

Be sure to check out my new Photo Galleries page.  One of the things that I really like about the new and improved Squarespace is how much easier they make it to upload and display photos. I have added three galleries (A Motley Collection, Beach Viewpoints and This Old House) to which I hope to keep adding some of my favorite photos.

I've also added two collections, My Boys - Favorite Photos and Cox Farms - 1997 to Present, where I am collecting my favorite pictures of the boys over the years. I have similar galleries over at my SmugMug account, but have decided that I want to consolidate them over here now that it is that much easier to do. I am thinking that I will continue to use SmugMug to document our activities and events and use Throwing Marshmallows to collect and highlight my favorite shots.

I have been in a bit of funk about taking pictures lately, but I am finding that blogging is starting to rekindle the desire. The new design really cries out for photos, so that is adding a bit more purpose and fun into finding just the right one.

That's it for now...hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I know that I did. And it was much needed and very much appreciated.

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