Happy Birthday Throwing Marshmallows!

I knew that I was going to forget it! My blog anniversary was actually back on October 30th, but better late then never.

And who knew when I posted this a year ago, that I would still be enjoying writing and recording my thoughts and what the Elms family has been up to. And who knew that after starting out over on blogger I would make the leap over here to homeschooljournal.net. And I am so glad that I did! Thank you once again to Andrea and Ron…

I absolutely love the homeschooling community we have developed over here…I have met so many new homeschool friends and love having so many of you on my blog reader so that I do not miss a single post.

Blogging is such an interesting thing…allowing us a glimpse into others lives. I love to read about what everyone else is doing and it always gives me new ideas to try in our homeschooling. And I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed writing my own ideas down. I love going back over the old posts to see what we have done and how the boys have grown. And I love having a place to record my thoughts…I find that writing helps me sort out my thoughts and I thank you all for bearing with me.

So here's to a wonderful year past and hopefully many more to come!