Nope, not the "deadly sin" greed. The dice game Greed! Julie on the Living Math email list (which is an awesome resource for teaching math) forwarded this link to Greed and the boys and I have been having fun playing.

In a nutshell, you have 10 dice. You roll the dice and see what you score. You then have the option to roll again and try to score additional points…the risk however is that if you do not score, then you loose all your points for that turn. So you need to decide if you are going to keep the points you gained on that round or risk them all.

The boys have decided that it is basically "Deal or No Deal" with dice. Funny how much they got a kick out of that aspect of it.

Just thought that I would pass on a fun way to get familiar with how probability works. And just an all around fun game too. Oh and I have to gloat as well that I won the game today! So there! ~Stephanie


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