Gotta Love Virginia

In my last post, I did not mention that part of the reason that the boys were so excited was because just four days prior to the snow, we were doing this in upper 50 degree weather:

You can see all the pictures here (and for my northern friends, yes, those are short sleeves you are seeing on some of the boys)

We had gone with some homeschool friends to a local park and the boys were immediately attracted to the stream running through it. It is days like this that I really appreciate homeschooling. There is something decadent about seeing the boys leap over rocks and throw stones into the water during “school hours” (not to mention we have the park to ourselves.)

So to recap the past week…On Thursday it was in the upper 50s. On Sunday and Monday it snowed about 4 or 5 inches, enough for a day of great sledding. Then by Thursday, it was up to the 60s. And on Saturday, today? It was in the 70s and will be the same tomorrow. We are going biking, I think.

Yes, you really just have to love Virginia.