Gotta Love Living Near DC

Homeschooling in Northern Virginia is full of opportunities. There is a vibrant, active homeschooling community as well as tons of classes and activities available. Being so close to Washington, DC is awesome as we are spoiled with a host of free museums, many of which offer great homeschool classes.

So this morning, we are headed out to take an Amazonia class at the National Zoo. These classes are great as you can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into many of the exhibits. I left at around 10:00am, an hour before we need to be there, as I always seem to need extra time to make it through the city and have yet to find a reliable way to get there.

So we head over the Memorial Bridge and just as we come up to take a right onto Constitution, we see that the cars in front of us are stopped, with a police officer blocking the way. We look down the road and see that the other streets are blocked off as well. So we end up stuck for 15 minutes or so, wondering who we were waiting on. We figured that it could be Obama (the boys were pretty excited that it could be him), but were not sure. Finally, after a very long line of motorcycles, then police cars, then black SUVs, then more police cars, then more motorcycles, we are free to go. After fighting the additional traffic in downtown DC, we finally get to the Zoo, one and a half hours after we left home. Luckily, quite a few of us got hung up by the motorcade and the guides were flexible, so we really did not miss too much and the boys loved the class.

We had a blast hanging out afterwards as well. January is such a perfect time to visit as there is no one there.  We came across a volunteer around the beaver and wolf exhibit who was great and since no one else was around, he hung out with us for a little bit. Really nice guy who knew tons of great stuff. I will have to post pictures of the beavers soon...they were so cute!

We managed to get home in less than 30 minutes and we found out that, yes it was Obama, coming back after giving a speech at George Mason University. So we can say that we were less than a block away from the president-elect, although we still don't know which black SUV he was in.

Nothing is ever dull around here, that is for sure.